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Darlene - I know just what you are talking about. I checked my bank balance today and was shocked to see a large charge from vesta on my account.

I called the company and demanded that they refund my money since this was not a charge authorized by me. I got the run around. I was so angry! After yelling at 8 people I finally got a "supervisor" that informed me that the charge was an authorized charge, at that point I lost it.

I know I never made the charge. Long story short, I was informed my money would be refunded, we will wait to see as this was only today that I noticed the charge and made the phone call. I did however close my account and told them that if any more charges from their company showed up on my account I would turn the matter over to the Attorney Generals office in Portland. After my aggravating morning of dealing with them I told my son that from now on we would purchase one of those prepaid cards from Walmart for his phone.

Like you, we purchased the phone for our 12 year old son for emergency use and wanted to get prepaid so we could control his use.

First time using a prepaid phone and have to say, very miserable experience.....This company, I do not care how big they are, thay are frauds and scammers.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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I know Vesta handles both AT&T and t-Mobile monthly charges. You probably just made a jerk of yourself for no reason.


That's exactly whats happening in Homestead, FL. I suspect it is a skimmer on a gas pump or ATM.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1064795

They are in Miami too. Hit me 6 times on pay day $53.90 each time.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #869613

Truth is if u use you credit card or check on this phone and the information is saved. Its in the file or system.

If get rid of the number the payment information follows the number. When it's reassigned the new customer can possibly use your card.

Portland, Oregon, United States #637705

just so you know, it is not actually Vesta that is causing these charges on your bank. Most people who have prepaid phones arent the brightest bulbs nor the richest.

chances are you card information was stolen to use it for things such as making a payment for their PREPAID phone...

which is were vesta comes in. Reason why this doesn't happen to contract phones is because there is a paper trail authorities can follow

Portland, Oregon, United States #637704

When you call 611/ *233/ 233/ *togo or any of the ways to make a payment Via phone you are not ever going to end up calling the actually company you have the phone with. Its too expensive for your phone company to handle the employee turn over caused by people acting just the way you do.

Instead they hire places such as vesta to handle the payments for them. I have been an employee for vesta for nearing 8 months now. I would have to say the most annoying part about the job is getting people like you who call in, to make the payment and doesnt ever pay attention to what the rep is saying. nearing the end of the call they are asking you if you would like to sign up for Automatic payments.

if you dont respond we will assume its a yes. so before you go around and complain that OMG they HAXed my bank account. just remember back to that TV show you were watching when you decided to devout about .000000000001 % brain power into making your phone payment. Next order- we would love to issue a refund.

If the refund in that particular situation is just. Aka if you call in yelling in screaming at us. most we are going to do for you is hang up the phone. When you are asking for assistance with doing something, and you are talking to the only people in the whole wide world that can help you the last thing you should be doing is yelling at them.

They are human for Christ sake. my email is meminemall@yahoo.com mail me your complaints so I can share em around the office and Laugh!

to meminemall Cicero, Illinois, United States #647284

The practice you have "if you dont respond we will assume its a yes" is the fraud plain and simple.

to meminemall #1067556

Your explanation stinks and you are a corporate stooge.

to meminemall Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1303568

So what you're saying is people that are being charged without permission or even acknowledgment should just shut up and accept it and not bother you and your precious fellow employees you lady are a *** and should never speak again everything you said is fraudulent unprofessional and lacking of all businesses

Portland, Oregon, United States #637703

Lol. you guys are really funny >_


I was charged 16 times with Cricket from AT & T Vesta. I don't have a cell phone.

I am on the phone right now trying to contact AT & T Vesta, and it is *** trying to reach them and see why was my bank account charge, or did someone get a hold of my account number?

Scary, Ugly, Heartless People out there! :eek :(


Dec. 4, 2011 While I was out of town, I got a call from my bank concerning a charge on my credit card.

Fortunately that call was relayed to me and I found out that I had 3 charges from Vesta on my card. I NEVER made those purchases. I did however, just the day before, made a purchase at WalMart. Is WalMart somehow connected to this company and involved in these fraudulent practices?

Just asking. Anyway, fortunately, I did get the call and had to close down my credit card account. Sadly, not the best time to have this happen since I was out of town and needed that card. Hopefully, somehow some way, Vesta, or whoever is responsible for using other peoples credit cards to make these false charges are caught and prosecuted.

If posting these messages on Pissed Consumers helps even one person, it is worth it. If this has happened to you, do everything you can to persuade your bank to follow up on this STOP these people.


Just because you didn't make the charge personally, doesn't mean somebody hasn't fished, scammed, or stole your information to make the charge on behalf of you. It's criminals buying prepaid minutes on phones...Not vesta just out there scamming you.

Go to your bank and dispute the payment, cancel your card, AND notify VESTA of the unauthorzied charge. It's not VESTA stealing your money.

Somebody has your information. It could be a crook, it could an Ex, it could be a "friend".


Our discover card was charged over $100. I do not have t-mobile service. discover is taking care of this for me.


I just found that Vesta charged my wife's Discover card since January 2011 in total amount near $700. She did not find it because the card was not in use.

It was in a drawer. She set balance auto-payment and did not read statements for a long time. One day I opened the envelope and found the charge $55.00 for service from unknown company. We called Discover to start dispute.

Sounds like we were not first with such question. They know Vesta as a hustler.


there is a good histories about how credit card or debit card are being drawn out with no consecuencias Please tell me no one is reading this messages... Vesta is a SCAM


I received a charge on my credit card from this company. I was curious what it was as I've never owned (or will own) a T-Mobile phone.

I called the number, I was told to leave a message.

I called my credit card; the customer support lady said she's seen this fraudulent charge before. Lucky, I was only charged once.


Looks like they are hitting hard:

I also had three charges UNAUTHORIZED just two days ago, lucky for me my card company is actually on the ball and put them on hold. Seems the (good) card companies are now watching out for this SCAM.



09/23/2011 5:35:57 AM EFT Point Of Sale Withdrawal VESTA *T-MOBILE 888-278-3397 ORUS -$108.00

They are scamming my family also. Have spoken to 1 'person' who would only give me his name & lol, badge number!

I have written to the Governor, Attorney General & BBB. No one in this house has ever used a pre-paid cell phone.


yeah I just got charged for 107, and here's the kicker there sayin that it can take up to a month to get my money back. Are they gonna pay my late fees for my bills. no but apperently I can wait to get my money


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