Do NOT use this company!! Once they have your bank account information, they submit charges WITHOUT authorization from you and they provide NO Service for the money charged!!!

They are nothing but big time Rip OFF artists!! My son is currently overseas and his account is being charged by this company when he does nothing to initiate a charge or any type of service from them.

I can not understand how a company with this type of practice remains out there. There should be something done to shut them down and discontinue all charges by them. Please advise me what can be done to prevent them from taking additional funds!!

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Vesta processes millions of prepaid recharge payments each month on behalf of telecom companies and their customers. We continually monitor orders for unauthorized or fraudulent use of payment devices, and actively work with customers to resolve any issues or disputes promptly and fairly. This is evidenced by our “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

If you have questions regarding a charge from Vesta on your credit card bill or bank statement, email  ecustomersupport@trustvesta.com or call toll free 888-440-9956.  A representative will be glad to assist you.


I am having trouble with Vesta too. I don't have a go phone but pay 65.33 on my credit card.

Wasted 2 hours trying to talk to a person to be told "wrong dept." Let me transfer you and hung up on. I contacted my credit card and they are taking care of it. I never gave them my credit card number or ordered there service. Are you on your sons acct?

If you are contact the bank and stop payments. If not contact your overseas son and have him make you POA.

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