I work as order processing agent in building 5.I am the guy who answeres your call by saying" thank you for calling ATT go phone payment center my name is !!! are you recharging with debit card today?".working condition at vesta really ***, they won't even give you time to go to the bathroom.you get about 175 calls a day, pay is minimum wage, for example in Tigard or you will make $8.50 per hour.You constantly have to lie to the customer(if you tell the truth they can you).you never have any breathing room between the calls, the place is always understaffed and the management is not happy unless there are at least 20 customers on hold.I have never seen such a high turn over rate in my life.After 2 weeks half of the new hires are gone, average stay on this job is about a month.morale and integrity is low due to working condition and low wage.I would not do business with this company or trust anybody here with my financial information.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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i just started working there and im still in training right now, yes i understand what you say but i dont know when this was posted but right now we make 9 for english & 10 for bilingual. and we do get breaks, lunch etc.i was also brought in by ranstad and i really hope i dont get fired eventhough i dont like it.

but i reallyy need a job right now.

so i will just stay until training finishes and go from there. yes their system is really messed up.


if you cannot do your job and it feel it necessary to blog about it than you have much worse issues at hand

to rep Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #632285

Why pick on the worker's. Everyone has to vent. I hope you get a better job rep.


I worked for Vesta for nine months and one day. They fired me.

They said that I improperly terminated a call and when I asked to hear the call I was told that they didn't have to allow that! I consistently had 100% call ratings and this is the *** that I got! I was there extra hours, put in time on anything that they needed me to and got crapped on.

The conditions we wprked under were ***.

I worked for Boost in building 5 and I miss my co-workers but not the beaurucratic *** that they pulled.

I was brought in permanently to Vesta from Randstad and as soon as it was time for my over priced health insurance I was fired. I can't even get unemployment because of them!!!!

to Tigard mom #760093

Were you ever able to get unemployment? You should have been able to since they are listed as a hostile work environment.

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